Understanding Marijuana

Ultimate Guide to Medical Cannabis Strains, Consumption, and Benefits

Marijuana is one of the most beneficial and controversial herbs on earth. Marijuana comes in different strains. Sativa strains are known for their cerebral high and uplifting effects. Because of this, sativa is recommended for depression. Cannabis indica strains cause calming and relaxing feelings. This strain is recommended for different types of pain, panic disorders, and anxiety. Cannabis can be consumed either for recreational or therapeutic or medical purposes. Let’s learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has gone far despite of the battle when it comes to information and clinical evidence to prove its therapeutic effects. Cancer is a major topic when it comes to medical cannabis recommendation. According to studies, marijuana can slow the progress and even kill cancer or abnormal cells. Cannabis is known to reduce nausea and vomiting, which are the major signs and symptoms of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. There are cancer patients, like those with leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer, and other types of cancer, report a significant improvement after taking cannabis. This herb is still continuously being studied to prove its scientific basis in healing various medical conditions.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol ) are the active ingredients found in medical cannabis. CBD is found in cannabis and help and it is known for its effects on pain, while THC is famous for its “high” effects. When it comes to cannabis consumption, the traditional way is smoking marijuana in a roll joint. Today, there are different ways of consuming cannabis including edibles, concentrates, shutters, oils, and dry herbs through vaporizers. CBD oil is usually recommended to be consumed sublingual or under the tongue. For pediatric patients, tinctures or edibles are recommended. The use of vaporizers is considered the cleanest method of consuming cannabis via inhalation because it does not produce tar or harmful metabolites as products of combustion. Medical cannabis comes in different THC and CBD concentrations. The effects of the marijuana strain and the patient’s condition influences the medical marijuana prescription.

Indeed, cannabis has a lot to offer to users given the right dose. Medical marijuana is found in medical cannabis dispensaries such as Mission Organic. An organic dispensary ensures pure cannabis without harmful preservatives or curing agent added. It is about time to change your perspective on how your perceive cannabis because this is a miracle herb that offers a lot of health benefits. If you need more information about cannabis strains suitable for your medical condition, you can always talk to a medical cannabis doctor or visit your local organic dispensary near you. For more information about medical cannabis, feel free to visit this homepage or website now so you can take advantage of marijuana.

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