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Procedures in Auto Body Repair, Transmission Repair

Preliminary checks on damage.

The insurer of the vehicle is brought in this part. For reference purpose data has to be availed to answer any future query’s’.

The insurer will professionally weigh on the viability of repair. Being the owner, he has the last word in regards to repair. The memorandum between the insurer and client will enable the procedure to begin. the The parts for repair are then purchased at a recommended price and delivered to the workshop.

The vehicle then undergoes electrical analyzation to restore the original factory specification. the mechanic can explain clearly to both parties on the way forward after proper check.Analyzing ensures the vehicle frame is straight and structurally sound.The bodywork can be worked on through body straightening (panel beat) and paint preparation.

Though costly the use of laser has enabled the mechanic to identify areas that require priority attention. The vehicle basically undergoes straightening with the additional replacement of new sheets.

The mechanic will remove any impurities stuck on the body surface of the vehicle to avoid contaminating the paint that may result in poor amalgamation with the body. The section of paintwork need receive the vehicle when dry of any clean for paint application.The vehicle paint surface is prepared and the correct adhesion is taken into consideration. Sanding then primer applied. The base coat is applied to coat all the initial paint used and provide protection. Given the room temperature of the workshop, delay in curing can produce poor quality and it is recommended that the technology of using the infrared applied to fasten the process. Infrared defies the room temperature.

In the initial stage when the vehicle was being prepared, it was torn down to ensure that the good parts are not interfered with and to get to the root cause of the problem, but after repair, all parts functioning had to be returned to their original state.And to get through Through repair of the wiring section, the functionality of the airbags, door windows test drive, locks adjustability and all electrical parts, lighting are all functioning.

The stage of final inspection of the viability of the vehicle and condition is then reviewed. Quality assurance team will put the vehicle under vigor routine test to have reassurance that the final product to be issued will be of the highest standard and the owner given the opportunity to review with the workshop personnel and explanation on what was repaired and how the final cost was arrived at, actually building a relationship with the customer. The vehicle repair industry is very competitive and the only is to have a relationship with the clientele so that any future business can be recommended to the particular workshop and the only way to build confidence is through issuing of certification of repair that encourages the customer to keep returning for future repairs

Repackaging simply means the vehicle has been revalued upwards and ready for use.Final expense documentation and any future recommendation is raised and issued to the customer.

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