Altis Server Tweaks!

Heads up guys n gals, I have made a couple of changes to the Altis server. Added a new base parts crate to the randomised pool, the crate that comes down on a parachute near airfields. Increased the possibility for full moon nights. Add 3 new high end vehicles. Decreased the chance of earthquakes. Some …

Poll results – Base Raiding Extended

  The Poll for Base raiding extended closed on Friday and I have filtered out my test votes and those from duplicate IP’s.  The Results are as follows; Yes – It would add a new dimension to the gameplay. = 5 No – I don’t wont someone stealing all my stuff = 8 Therefor we will …

Base raiding extended

We are looking to add some new features to the servers but require the players input as this could affect you and the way that you play.  Please take part in the poll below to help us gauge your input and feel free to post on the forum any questions. [poll id=”2″]

Server feature update

Both servers have been updated to now include the new ZCP with town captures ! There may be some tweaks over the coming days so please leave us some feedback 🙂 As well as the new ZCP I have now added the option to sell items directly from the crates (mission crates etc.) To do …

Exile Beginners/Veterans Guide

Head on over to this page and read the guide created by someone called By [KSG] Untug. Another useful resource is the Exile Mod website itself. Where you can catch up on their blog or check out thier wiki and see whats what with all things Exiley.

XM8 App for Android

Today I have added the XM8 Android app to our Tanoa Server. If you are interested in this feature then download the app from the Google App store and when asked, enter the relevant code below. Altis Code – 0BAX Tanoa Code – FTIT