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Noob Friendly Server Mods and Customisation’s

I will be working on this post over a period of time, hopefully it will give some players a better understanding as to what is involved with troubleshooting and upgrading the server…

Work in progress….

Defent’s Mission System (DMS)

AI Protected missions such as Gun Transport, Bauhaus, Food transport. – More info

Zupa’s Capture Points (ZCP)

Missions that have waves of AI that attack while you try to “hold” the mission area.– More info

Occupation (Roaming AI & More)

Uses DMS to spawn hostile AI that roam the map in vehicles or on foot, they can also be found at “Gear” crate missions. – More info

Zombies and Demons (Ryan’s Zombies)

Technically just the mod that has zombie ai that ExileZ spawns in- More info


This mod spawns in the zombies the want to eat your brains– more info 

Enigma Revive

Lets you revive dead players by using defibrillators – More info

Enigma deploy bike

Spawn a push bike from double clicking on your inventory radio – More info

Custom Spawn areas

Various spawn locations to help you get to somewhere new or get back to your corpse before the zombies eat it.

New Traders

Various Traders added across the map to help you sell your loots. 

IgiLoad script – logistical support

Lets you lift vehicles etc with helicopters –

[R3F] Logistics

Lets you tow vehicles

XM8 Apps

Change your view distance

Customised intro/Info screen

Customised HUD

[yadawiki link=”Virtual Garage” show=””]

Base/Laptop Camera

Service station repairs & Ammo reload

Additional Military areas – More loots 🙂

“Toast” style notifications for a nicer notification experience 

Other stuff and secret things…

Antihack/Admin tools

Webpage stats and info – Coming soon!